Artists Making An Impact

Phase 1

Infrastructure Stabilization

The initial phase of Clayborn’s restoration prioritizes the immediate stabilization of the building’s infrastructure in preparation for more invasive projects. Structural supports were first added and verified, followed by the removal of debris from the building’s interior, the reconfiguration of the sanctuary floor, and the installation of a new electrical system.


Phase 2

The objectives of Phase Two are exclusive to projects of the building’s exterior envelope. The exterior envelope is inclusive of four architectural elements of the building: the roof, truss, the reconditioning and installation of the church’s original stained glass windows, and the restoration of the bell tower.


Phase 3

Interior Restoration

The interior space consists of all structural elements housed inside the building, including the church sanctuary and original pipe organ. Maintaining the architectural integrity and originality of the building remains a priority for our organization. Upon its competition, this space will house many interpretative and community-oriented programs.


Phase 4

A new build on the property will house the museum element of the historic site. This element is to include interactive exhibits that will further interpret the history of Clayborn Temple and the role of the church’s congregation in the Civil Rights Movement. Curated to maximize audience experiences and accessibility, this space promises to integrate digital engagements and modern technologies.


Phase 5

Completion and Introduction